Things about me

  • Computer Science Student at University of Zürich
  • Freelance Web and App Developer
  • Living in Switzerland
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I began web development in September 2019, but I was always interested in it, even as a young boy. I had worked with HTML and CSS in the past, which is why I wanted to try something new: JavaScript. I began studying the basics and then started with my first framework, ReactJS. Quickly I realized, building a website is more than only the front-end. I learned NodeJS and ExpressJS quickly, while taking first steps into MongoDB. Mobile development started looking quite attractive to me, which is why I tried my luck with React Native. I am eager to continue learning, but at the moment I want to focus on really using what I've learned until now, before I continue my learning journey. Learning Python and C academically also was quite fun, during my first two semesters at UZH.