Have you ever heard of the seven habits of highly effective people?

Well, there are seven key areas where we all need to focus on to become highly effective.

Let me tell you about them!

  • First, we need to choose to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Visualize the end before you start, and schedule your priorities to get there.
  • Seek what’s beneficial for everyone involved, and try to understand others first so that they can understand you.
  • Work with others to achieve exponential results, and keep an effective system running.
  • Character change is more sustainable than behavioral change. And paradigms are the filter through which we see the world around us.
  • Reactive people have their behavior and emotions dictated by external circumstances and feelings.
  • Proactive people believe their mood or behavior is a function of their internal engineering.

We must go into our interactions with others with pure motives, and keep our physical, spiritual, mental, and social lives sharp.

Let’s make the world a better place, one habit at a time!